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Launch Your Startup

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Know more about your Taxes and IRA through Jeff Pickering(CPA) and Venkatesh Kuravari (Financial Adviser)

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Meet with Madhan Kanagavel, Founder & CEO CodeLathe

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LUNCHEON with Dr. M.S Reddy On Oct 2nd 2011

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 M.S Reddy, (Malireddy Srinivasulu Reddy) received his B.V.Sc. (D.V.M.) degree from A.P. Agricultural University and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Iowa State University, U.S.A. in food technology and microbiology with honors and distinctions.  He serves as President and chairman of, The American Dairy and Food Consulting Laboratories (ADFAC, Labs) and International Media and Cultures (IMAC, Inc.), Denver Colorado., with eleven manufacturing facilities in eight states.  He has received over 80 national and international award and honors from all over the world.  Among the notable are; Richard M. Hoyt memorial award from the American Dairy Science Association; Outstanding Young Alumnus Recognition award from Iowa State University; Sigma-Xi Research award; Outstanding Scientist award from IAFC, Washington, D.C., the presentation was made by the Priminster of India, Honorable P.V. Narasimha Rao, Ronald Regan Gold Medal award from U.S. Vice President Honorable Dick Cheney at Washington, D.C.; Recipient of prestigious 2006 Bharath Gaurav Award and Hind Rattan Award; Invited guest of honor to attend the 2005 inauguration of U.S. President, George W. Bush, and recipient of the first “2009 Veda Brahma award” and 2010 “International Dharma award” from the AAPNA (Association of Ayurvedic Professional of North America) for his worldwide patent on integration of Probiotics and Ayurveda as a treatment modality in the field of complementary alternative medicine.  Dr. Reddy holds over 150 U.S. and international patents and has published over 60 scientific articles on dairy starter cultures, and Probiotics and has written several books and chapters including A to Z of Success and compendium of microbiological methods (published by the American Public Health Association).  He has served as a technical consultant to over 70 national and international companies all over the world.  He serves as an active committee member of the complementary alternative medicine division of the AAPI (American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin), the largest affiliated association of the American Medical Association.  

How to benefit from Obama’s stimulus package for Small Businesses?

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Chief Guest: Mr. Herbert Austin

Special Guest: Hon. Mayor Herbert A. Gears 

November Meeting

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Attributes of successful entrepreneur

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